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This Is Just Temporary Outline Sticker

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This Is Just Temporary Meaning

The This Is Just Temporary mantra is very special to me and is intended to remind you that everything is about how you use your perspective.

Before I hit what I like to call my "mental health rock bottom" I looked at my life and the world thinking about how it was all just temporary. When I had x, y, or z down the line I'd try to be happy again and right now all I had to do was just survive, pass the time.

It was when someone metaphorically slapped me in the face with reality that I realized this is just temporary.

Life is so very fleeting, moves so very quickly, and still has so much to offer.

This is Temporary reminds us that the time we have is precious and limited. We only have so much time, so many opportunities to learn, grow, and do what we need to. 

Do we really want to waste that time or miss those chances? Sometimes. If that's what our mind and spirit need, yes. But not for too long.

We can use both sides of the coin to our advantage. Say This Is Just Temporary, I'll survive and move on, I'll be happy later. Then Say This Is Just Temporary, I'm going to make every second as slow as possible, absorb every ounce of energy, enjoy every little moment, and find each lesson there is to be had.

Understand the value of the two, and as much as possible, live and love by the latter.

When tough times hit, it's easy to get wrapped up in the anger, sadness, pain, and chaos but say it out loud with me...

This Is Just Temporary 💛


Sticker Details

This adorable sticker is outlined around the saying so you can efficiently use the space on your water bottle, laptop, package, books, or wherever you stick it, and not waste a single bit of surface area!

* White or Transparent colors
* Gray adhesive on the left side for white stickers
* Four sizes to choose from
* Not waterproof

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