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Breathe Babe Hooded Sweatshirt

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Breathe Babe Meaning

The Breathe Babe mantra is a powerful one that helps ground yourself while resetting your mind and body. I started using it early on in my healing and positivity journey and it made all the difference.

Breathe Babe is meant to remind you not only to breathe when you get overwhelmed, stressed, scared, uncertain, and start spiraling into a tornado of terrible thoughts, but it also is tuned to slow down your nervous system when it responds to those feelings.

Breathe Babe brings you back to center. You do slow, deeeeeep, breaths, then focus on what connects you to reality. You can use it to feel your body's energy mesh with that of the Earth, or use it to remind yourself that 'I am in control of my thoughts this time' and 'I have been strong enough every day of my past, I have the power to handle this.'

Breathe Babe helps to bring you back from the bad, but it's also meant to help lean into the great too!

When you get to experience wonderful things - being with family, hiking in mountains, eating a FABULOUS dessert - to take a moment to breathe and make sure you're really in the moment. 

It's important to savor every little piece of magic in our lives and Breathe Babe reminds us to do just that.

When it's going rough, and when it's going wonderfully...

Close your eyes, and Breathe Babe 💛


Hoodie Details

This is a unisex, heavy blend, hooded sweatshirt and is perfect for cozy days in or out. The material is a thick blend of cotton and polyester, which makes for a soft and plushy pullover. It not only keeps you warm, it keeps you looking snazzy too! This sweatshirt also has a spacious kangaroo front pocket and drawstring that matches the color of the rest of the sweater.

* 50% cotton, 50% polyester
* Medium-heavy fabric (8.0 oz/yd² (271.25 g/m²))
* Classic fit
* Tear-away label
* Runs true to size